Rock Paper Scissors – Game Instructions

Game Components:

54 playing cards


Collect as many cards as possible.


Choose one player to be the dealer. After shuffling the cards , the dealer deals 5 cards alternately one at a time to each player. The remaining cards are set aside as the draw deck.

Game Play:

Looking at their cards, each player selects one card, laying them down face up at the same time. Using the rules of ‘ROCK CRUSHES SCISSORS , SCISSORS CUTS PAPER , PAPER COVERS ROCK’, the player with the stronger card takes both cards and places them face down in front of him/her. Players draw one card from the draw deck after each turn (Dealer draws first). Play continues in this manner until there are no cards left in the draw deck. Players continue playing with the cards in their hands until they are gone.


If both players lay down the same card, each player lays down another card from their hand until one card beats another (Remember: Players draw one card from the draw deck after each card played). That player then collects all cards played during that turn. If players run out of cards during a tiebreaker, each player selects a card from their pile and continues play until the tie is broken. If there are no cards available to a player (from the draw deck, hand of cards or accumulated cards ), the other player is the winner.

Winning the game:

When players run out of cards in their hands and the draw deck is gone, the game is over. The player who has collected the most cards wins. In the event of a tie, each player selects one card to play from their pile. The player with the stronger card then wins the game.